ROUNDWAY DOWN, DEVIZES, 31st August 1985

Straightaway The Doctor’s Pond lurch into their set and Steve has his bass jacked through a FUZZBOX on maximum distortion, producing the most consistently savage and ugly noises of the entire night  A sound to remind you of your vertebrae.
The ended on Danny & Dusty’s “Song For The Dreamers”, with lyrics altered for a local bias and then went through a line-up change as Simon Bewley came in on drums, replacing Tom Goodwin, Keith Wilson took over on the one-note bass and Steve switched to feedback guitar. They lurched through the Gun Club’s “Walking With The Beast” and Steve goes dizzy with ‘feedback sickness’ from kneeling to close to the amp. He stands up but is soon rolling about the floor again. You can’t beat “Walking With The Best” but they went and tried with a quick, dismissive run through of “Sister Ray” featuring Hugh Kirkbride on inaudible acoustic guitar and Kevin Barber and Dave Young on guitars. And then it was all over.

Paul Ricketts - Mardenbeat #5, September 1985
Bayou Boys
The Doctor's Pond
Walking With The Beast
Swamp Leech
Spawned In The Stinkin' Slime . . .
It Fell From The Sky
Don't Drink The Water  In The Well
THE JOLLY MILLER, CALNE, 19th October 1985

No one seemed to know what to expect from this new look Doctor’s Pond, which consisted of Rod Goodway, Steve Lines, Keith Wilson and Simon Bewley.
Playing, amongst others, some Scientists and Gun Club numbers, The Doctor’s Pond tore through their set Rod Goodway’s slide guitar was out of this world and his vocals were strong and piercing. Steve’s guitar sound was reminiscent of The Jesus & Mary Chain and Keith’s bass provided a solid beat. And Simon Bewley: Well what can I say? When this guy really plays it is difficult to find a better drummer
Finally the band played “Sister Ray” joined by Dave Young on guitar. It got faster and faster – Simon was playing like a man possessed and a segment of the audience were frenzied.
All I can say is that it was over too soon

Mike Brady - Mardenbeat #6, October 1985
THE JOLLY MILLER, CALNE, 19th October 1985

Well I arrived at The jolly Miller expecting something a little out of the ordinary with Steve and Rod in the band, but Christ once they got up and played. . . !
They launched straight into “When Fates Deals Its Mortal Blow” and by the way one of the audience was dancing, it looked like he’d been dealt one.
Steve Lines was giving his guitar a good thrashing, hidden behind the darkest pair of shades I’ve ever seen. In fact they were so dark he had to take them off to find his amp.
Rod Goodway was on top form vocally and Keith Wilson, played with a lot of confidence, considering it was his first gig (excluding Roundway Down).
“Song For The Dreamers” was excellently performed in the middle of the set and “Sister Ray” was performed at the end with myself on guitar.
I can’t think of any band that could happily follow a show like the one The Doctor’s Pond performed.

Dave Young - Mardenbeat #6, October 1985
THE JOLLY MILLER, CALNE, 19th October 1985

The Doctor’s Pond were a messy, rough, untamed, perfectly nasty beast that is every rocker’s dream and every popster or serious musician’s nightmare. With stingray eyes and rockin’ bones and too much too dream every night
There’s Simon Bewley drumming like a manic with a rush and an urgency I haven’t heard from him in years, especially the stomping finish to “Sister Ray”. There’s Keith Wilson laying in to a bass guitar and Steve Lines with his guitar set on FUZZ. There’s Rod Goodway growling, sometimes singing and playing slide between the words.
They start with a bang playing two songs by The Scientists off “Blood Red River”. Halfway into “When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow” the floor is packed with dancers.
After “Song For The Dreamers”, “It Came From Out Of The Sky” and “Walking With The Beast” they played “Sister Ray” and left the stage with everything feeding-back.

Paul Ricketts - Mardenbeat #6, October 1985

The Doctor's Pond lurched onto the outdoor stage and thundered into their set. "Swamp Leech. a song about sex and death, went down well, with its Link Wray style riff, and "Bayou Boy" a downhome tale of . . . sex and . . er. . . death ventured into Benny Hillbilly territory.
The highlight of the set though was a stunning rendition of Alice Cooper's "Black JuJu". The tension mounted as Steve played the keyboard intro and then the band lurched into the epic song, with Dave Seal providing some stunning lead guitar'

Lucy Matthews - Mardenbeat #6, October 1985

Under the circumstances I didn't think it would be fair for me to write a review of the Pond's set as I knew all their songs in advance - but as it happens I heard something else on the night - sometimes for the better.

Like it was great to hear Dave Seal blasting out and feeding-back, tho' we would have loved to have heard more guitar solos plus extra feedback. But sad to hear Steve Lines and Simon Bewlay so obviously lacking in amplification whilst playing so well. Then again it was really good to hear Mike hitting most of the notes intended and creating quite the most startling vocal stance of the night

Rod Goodway - Mardenbeat #6, October 1985
Big Fat Toad

The Doctor's Pond are a totally changed band to the previous Rod Goodway incarnation. The opening number, aptly named  "The Doctor's Pond" was a great opener to a good but short set: the lyrics to this song are good stuff, crushing the myth that Dr. Joseph Priestly on;y discovered oxygen in Doctor's Pond (a location in Calne). Instead, as we all now know, he was spawning human flesh creating the first swamp people. The highlights of their set for me were Dave Seal's guitar work on the fast, rockin' "Rabid", the offbeat "Don't Drink The Water In The Well" and my favourite of them all, the rhythmic "Big Fat Toad" that sounds like it could roll on forever, featuring an amazing, powerful bass line. The most unusual song of the set was "Bayou Boy", a country/hillbilly number.
The finale of the gig was the classic Alice Cooper song, "Black Juju", played brilliantly and which grabbed everyone's total attention. A classic ending to a fine set

Dave Young - Mardenbeat #15, August 1986

Next up were The Doctor’s Pond doing first their impression of well nifty Aussie combo The Scientists. The four numbers they did didn’t sound bad at all. John Fogerty’s “It Came From Out Of The Sky” was great, as was “When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow”. The band concluded with the Gun Club’s “Walking With The Beast” as they did last year.
A quick pause for a line-up change Dave Young taking over from Keith Wilson on bass and they launch into a two song blast of very strange material. Much weirdness was sung about in their first song “The Doctor’s Pond”, about Calne being a swamp or something. The second song featured a slide guitar screeching into the wilderness and kept the ’gator theme going with “Don’t Drink The Water In The Well”. I thought the sippin liquor was going to be handed out.

Stuart Saw – Mardenbeat #15, August 1986
Swamp Rats