The Society of the Yellow Sign

Edited and mixed by Steve Lines.
Steve Lines: FX.
Joseph S. Pulver: Voices.
Susan McAdam: Voices.
Jane Murphy: Keyboards.
Jim G:  Piano.
Melanie Townsend: Vocals.
Mark Angell: Vocals.
Childe Roland: Vocals, instruments.
Ken Flynn: Keyboards, guitars.
Lodovico Ellena; Vocals, guitars.
Aldo Mella: Bass.

Words and music by Steve Lines.
Steve Lines: Rhythm guitars, keyboards. harmonica, bass.
Melanie Townsend: Vocals.
Ken Flynn: Lead guitar.

No one can see Lost Carcosa
Until the Hyades rise
And the black stars shine from uncanny skies
On the ebon towers of Carcosa

No human lives in Carcosa
Where flap the yellow tatters of the King
And the sad songs that the faithful shall sing
Will echo through the streets of Carcosa

Upon the cloudy shores of Carcosa
Where Hali's waves whisper with the tides
What is the truth that the Pallid Mask hides?
There are no truths in Dark Carcosa

Last night I dreamt of Carcosa
Where black domes and monoliths loom
Gaunt and stark behind the rising moon
Above the twisting alleys of Carcosa

I must return to Lost Carcosa
Which shimmers on the misty edge of sleep
And when I return warm tears will I weep
For the doomed and the damned in Lost Carcosa
Karda Estra

Music by Jane Murphy.
Richard Wileman: Classical & electric guitars.
Ileesha Bailey: Vocals.
Zoe King: Flute.
Susan McAdam

Words Written by Ann K. Schwader.
Susan McAdam: Voice.
Jane Murphy: Keyboards.
Steve Lines: FX.

Soul-sick, I laid aside that slender text
(Its serpent binding slithered from my hands),
& sought the healing ease of sleep - now vexed
By tainted wisdom's hideous demands.
Black stars betrayed the region of my dreams:
I traced Cassilda's path along that shore
Whose poisoned mists obscure forevermore
Deep Hali's nameless horror. Shattered screams
Rang echoing from dread Carcosa's towers
Where nothing human dwells, nor ever dwelt
In twisted cells where disembodied Powers
Still make themselves most maddeningly felt.
Too late, I knew that tortured voice as mine,
& woke to see I clutched . . . the Yellow Sign.
Black Monolith

Words and music by Steve Lines.
Mark Angell: Vocals. 
Steve Lines: Bass, keyboards, rhythm and 'lead guitars.

On the day I read that book the nightmares did begin
My mind is torn and tattered like the robes of the King
And the Phantom is waiting for Cassilda to sing      
Have you found the yellow sign?

The black stars radiate nothing but the night
And truth is just a shadow in a pallid light
The driver of the hearse his face so soft and white says
Have you found the yellow sign?

Flesh is the mask, behind which we all hide
Hali's waves seduce me with the crashing of the tide
I see Carcosa's portals as they open wide
I have found the Yellow sign?
I have found the Yellow sign?

Steve Lines

Words  by Steve Lines.
Steve Lines: Voice, FX.
Childe Roland

Words by Steve Lines. Music by Childe Roland.
Childe Roland: All instruments and vocals.

You say I'm mad but still you ask
What I saw behind the mask
In long forgotten frozen Leng
Where dreams took me a voyaging

In that dreary icy waste
I came across a towered place
The Elder One he sat within
On an ebon chair in shadows dim

In yellow silk he was concealed
His outlines vague, one paw revealed
Lolling on his ebon throne
His face a secret none has known

Against my numb and frozen will
My hands reached out and began to pull
At the oddly twitching, silken veil
And I saw his face in grim detail

My mortal soul was blasted bare
By what I saw beneath the hair
Shrieking madness filled my brain
My mind was torn on fangs of pain

Such a face no man should see
Lest he embrace insanity
That mocking laughter I as I ran out
How can he laugh without a mouth?

Lodovico Ellena

Words by Steve Lines. Music by Lodovico Ellena.
Lodovico Ellena: Vocals, rhythm guitars & lead guitar.
Aldo Mella: Bass & keyboards.

The Hyades are in the skies,
The black stars confound my eyes,
Behind lost Carcosa the moon will rise.

The cloud waves gently break,
On the misty shore of the ebon lake.
I listen to the sounds they make.

In Hali's murky deep,
They dream in their deathless sleep,
A million tortured souls softly weep.

I hear Sad Cassilda sing,
As I wait for the Yellow King.

In Hali's murky deep,
They dream in their deathless sleep,
A million tortured souls softly weep.

Her mournful melodies ,
Are carried on the leaden breeze.
In my nightmares dark Hali calls to me.

The Hyades are in the skies,
The black stars confound my eyes.
I feel the ebb and flow of Hali's tides.

I hear Sad Cassilda sing,
As I wait for the Yellow King.

The Petals

Words by Steve Lines. Music by The Petals.
Laurie Kern: Vocals.
Tim Kern.
J. W. Tessier.
John Frankovic.
Dan Mullen.
Bobby Firedman.

I know all the faces in Carcosa
So who is this Stranger? I must ask
Nothing will prevent me from seeing
This ghost robed in pale white damask
He wears another face
With eyes so hard to trace
The Stranger hides behind the Pallid Mask

Whiter than the rolling mists of Hali
Expressionless and cold as the Black Stars
Is there truth behind the illusion?
The only truth is death will come at last
Weaving webs of sly deceit
So vague and incomplete
The Stranger hides behind the Pallid Mask

The shadows lengthen in Carcosa
The shadows lengthen in Carcosa

Robert M. Price

Words by Robert M. Price.
Robert M. Price: Voice.
Karda Estra: Music.
FX: Steve Lines.

The cloud crest splash along the beach,
And double suns drop out of reach,
Dusk creeps apace unto Carcosa.

The night arises ghastly white,
Blackness blanched by ebon light
From stars and moons over dead Carcosa.

The Hyades, their voices raised,
Their silken shredded King to praise,
But none will know in damned Carcosa.

My soul lies mute its cords all cut,
My wailings cease, my mouth sown shut
Lost as tears in Hali's deeps by dead Carcosa.
Childe Roland

Words and music by Steve Lines.
Arrangement and extra lyrics by Childe Roland.
Childe Roland: Vocals and acoustic guitars.

The cloud waves surge with Hali's tides,
The twin suns drop from uncanny skies,
Darkness weaves its spell in Carcosa.

Black are the stars, strange in the night,
And strange moons shine in their ebon light,
But not as strange as dim Carcosa.

The Hyades will praise the King
With melodies that none shall sing
In the silent streets of cold Carcosa.

I cannot sing, my song unsung
Shall die on my lips and a tear will run,
But who shall care in lost Carcosa?


Words by Robert W. Chambers. Music by Steve Lines.
Steve Lines: Acoustic guitars.
Melanie Townsend: Vocals.
Ken Flynn: Acoustic guitars, keyboards.

Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink behind the lake,
The shadows lengthen
in Carcosa.

Strange is the night where black stars rise,
And strange moons circle through the skies,
But stranger still is
lost Carcosa.

Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
Where flap the tatters of the King,
Must die unheard in
dim Carcosa.

Song of my soul, my voice is dead,
Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed
Shall dry and die in 
lost Carcosa.

Susan McAdam

Written  by Richard L. Tierney.
Susan McAdamVoice.
Jane Murphy: keyboards.
Steve Lines: FX.

I sense, on crystal winter evenings
When constellations gleam through black-branched trees,
A night-dark star no earthly gazer sees
To which some dread malevolently clings.
No star-chart shows it--no--yet slumber brings
Its vision from the clustered Hyades--
Black waters over which a leaden breeze
Wafts the sad song that dead Cassilda sings.

No darker vision greets the sleeper than
That lake, from which the coiling clouds-waves pour
To break upon the long, basaltic shore
Beneath the rays of red Aldebaran--
The lake whence dreamers flee in nameless dread
As Hastur rises from his slimy bed.

Steve Lines

Words and music by Steve Lines.
Steve Lines: Voice, guitars, bass, FX.

What sad drum beats for me?
A faintly pulsing litany of hollow echoes;
Mournful sounds as cold
As Hali's deeps:
a heartbeat slow and old.

Does Cassilda mourn my passing?
who cries for me?

What sad drum beats for me?
Perhaps a soul so pure
That all my twisted lies and deepest, blackest sins
Have been forgiven....

Who pounds those skins?

Have I found redemption?
If only I could be sure....

What sad drum beats for me?
So soft and low.
My flesh corrupted flesh sloughs its bones,
But the beat goes on;
A dirge of solemn funeral tones.

What sad drum beats for me?
Ah, now I know,

It beats for Carcosa's faithfull as they softly sing.
My soul awaits the coming of the Yellow King.

Karda Estra/Rod Goodway

Music by Karda Estra.
Psychedelic remix by 'Rustic' Rod Goodway.
The King in Yellow