Recorded 1992 to 1995
Released June 1997 on ELEFANT RECORDS, Spain.

On this recording STORMCLOUDS were:

STEVE LINES: Guitars, bass, keyboards and voices.
KEN FLYNN: Keyboards, backing vocals, lead guitar.
DAVE SCOTT: 'Cosmic' guitar on "The Boy With x Ray Eyes".
THE ALIEN KIDS (Danny Maisey & Matt Woodward): Vocals.

Arranged and produced by STORMCLOUDS.                  
Engineered by KEN FLYNN.
All songs written by STEVE LINES.
Cover art and design by STEVE LINES.
UFO photographs by LORRETTA MANSELL.                          


Come and take a ride in my rocket ship
We're gonna go on a magic trip
Gonna fly high to outer space
I hear it's a really nice place

We'll meet folk from another world
And we'll understand every word
That those alien creatures speak
Just like on the T.V.

Shoot right through the stratosphere
It's so cool way up here
That island Earth is a pretty dull place
We're gonna get lost in space

We don't want no five year mission
To get lost in space is our ambition
Lose control in the twilight zone
Don't ever want to go home

Lost in space it's so much fun
Head straight for a distant sun
Gonna rock 'n' roll though eternal night
Just like a meteorite


Looking at my TV and its talking to me
Sending messages from strange galaxies
My pale skin glows in its flickering light
I gave it my soul and now it feeds me life

Strange vibrations creeping under my skin
I'm a B grade monster and a vampire thing
Late night horror show turns me insane
I've got two thousand maniacs inside my brain

'cos I'm psychopsychotronic
I'm psychopsychotronic
When I'm not watching TV I read comics

Three dimensions, scarlet and green
Living my life in my TV screen
I'm incredibly strange and it's starting to show
Now I've got a part on Videodrome.


I'm so tired of messing around
All he does is bring me down
It's so dull when he's around
He's trash

See him with the other girls
Like I'm in another world
I think it's time that he learnt
He's trash

Ooh he thinks he's wonderful, that's a laugh
Ooh so wonderful, no chance
He's such a bore and he's trash

Now I'm gonna make him see
That he's just no good for me
And that he's always gonna be
Just trash


I've been to parties baby yeah I've been around
I've known lots of boys in this little town
But they're all the same yeah they're such a bore
Everytime I meet one he's like the one before
Nothing's been the same since I met
The creature from Galaxy X

I've seen it all yeah and I've done it twice
You can all talk yeah and give out advice
You can't impress me now, what you tryin' for
You ain't had no spaceman knocking at your door
He's so much better than the rest yeah
The creature from Galaxy X

Now I'm on drugs and I take a lot of pills
I don't go no kicks from any of these thrills
He had purple plasma blood and warm pulsing skin
I loved it when he held me in his fifteen limbs
But now he's gone and my life is a wreck
That creature from Galaxy X

Nothing's been the same since I met
The creature from Galaxy X

He's so much better than the rest, oh yeah
The creature from Galaxy X


They're building a ship to fly to the stars
It's the hope of all mankind
Running away to a safer place
And leaving us all behind

I can't forget that on the day we met
The news was on TV
The Earth will die when worlds collide
It's the end for you and me

The seas will boil, mountains fall
Cities crumble into dust
While the chosen few journey to
A world not meant for us

But I'll be standing by your side
And looking into your eyes
Maybe I'll even cry
On the day when worlds collide

Is is the hand of Fate wiping clean the slate
When we've only just begun?
Skies are red, the planet is dead
Spinning towards the sun


I want to reach out for the sky
But my fingers only scrape the clouds
I want to scream and break away
The whisper of the wind the only sound

The voice of metal deafens me
My hands are shackled to the Great Machine
Past my eye the proud parade
And all that I can do is sit and dream

But I'm always falling, falling
Icarus with engines stalling
It seems that I'm in bondage to the ground

I wish that I could fall and die
Feed me to the furnace down below
I know now that I can't escape
I dream of places I will never know

But I'm always falling, falling
Outside my room the sky is calling
It seems that I will never hear the sound

Ooh ooh break away
Ooh ooh out of the grey
Ooh ooh fade away
In Metropolis


Throw down your temples
And walk through centuries of dust
Get on your knees and pray
For follow us you must
Overturn the alters
And burn the symbols of your creed
They'll not help you now
The New Gods are all that you will need

Through our serpent days of slumber
Lidded eyed watching you
A world of war and hunger
Is that the best that you can do

We are the power
We are the glory
The New Gods have arrived

Your dreams will all be broken
The ashes of another age
And in crimson torment
History will turn another page


It happened last year in an A Bomb test
The trees caught fire and the sky turned red
He fell through a hole in dimension X
And ended up in London with a book of forged cheques

He's a wonder to the medical trade
He's everso thin, like a razor blade
See him on the TV, see him on the news
He can only be seen from limited views

He's a hero, he's in great demand
Everybody loves the Two Dimensional Man

He's the darling of the nation, he's a big success
But there's nothing inside him he's a total mess
Talking to his fans he's got nothing to say
He's just a picture and he'll fade away


Flying round the Universe, some say she's insane
With the secrets of Creation in her positronic brain
Long blonde hair and laser gun you all know her name

Oh Galaxina, have you ever seen her
Oh Galaxina, what a girl

She is so beautiful, she has and angel's face
Designed by the finest minds of the Human race
She is a star creature lost in outer space

I wonder where she's living now, shooting through the stars
On every planet she has been there's a thousand broken hearts
She an android femme fatale, she'll tear you apart


It was a saucer invasion
He came to planet Earth to warn every nation
That we should not kill
Nobody listened, I wonder if they ever will

He said his name was Klaatu
I fell in love with him I just had too
Make him understand
I’m crazy about a stranger in a strange land

I know he's not from this world
I  don't care I just wanna be his girl
It was such a thrill
The day we kissed it seemed that the Earth stood still
That was the day that the Earth stood still


I wish I had a spaceship to fly to outer space
I'd search every planet in the Galaxy
From the seas of Metaluna to the plains of Altair 4
Just to find out where you are and bring you back to me

I met you last Christmas Eve and we fell in love
You came from another world in your UFO
Now I sit and hope that you'll come back to me
Writing out this message in the winter snow

I hope you have a cosmic Christmas
Whatever world you're on
And all your wishes will come true
I hope you have a cosmic Christmas
And you'll have lots of fun
Think of me and I will think of you

I wonder where you are tonight as I stare at the stars
In the midnight sky so distant and so cold
I wish that you were here with me safe inside my arms
I'd hold you so tight and never let you go


I saw them in an Ad in a comic book
Seeing through clothes seemed pretty good
So I sent right away with a $2 cheque
Now I walk around with my X-Ray Specs

I'm insane and it's no surprise
I'm the boy with the X-Ray eyes

At first it was a real psychedelic trip
Just like a crazy dream
But now I'm seeing much too much
And I'm falling apart at the seams

If thine eyes offends thee pluck it out
Seemed like the thing to do
But my eyes are on the floor and I can see much more
And it's not a very nice view.


"Deep in the darkness of your skull they grow, festering in the subconscious murk of midnight; mesmerising in the mulch of madness and their toadstool tongues lick thought from your brain like a cat licks cream from a bowl".

See them walk with the coming of the sun
Nothing you can do, too late to run

Psychotronic rays zap between your eyes
Cardboard graves, hubcaps in the skies

Crazed blood farmers kissing killer teens
A beach party monster eats a limousine

Surfin' ghouls, demons of the mind
Blood on the sun like crimson wine

A creeping terror, your brain won't die
Colours in the breeze as you kiss the sky

"These people are contaminated!
Consumed in a fungus frenzy!
They can't be stopped for they come from within our minds!"

Here they come
Here they come again
Feeding on our minds
The mushroom men.


We are Alien Kids come from outer space
We are Alien Kids from another place
We are Alien Kids from another sun
We are Alien Kids come to have some fun              


We beamed down to the planet from the starship Enterprise
Felt a little sick as we materialised
When we'd assembled this is what we saw
Romulans with phasers on the verge of war
They fired at Jim and the rest of the crew
Chekov got hit and his face turned blue
I took a look and said what we already knew
He's dead Jim

Deep in space on our five year mission
Caught in a ray from a strange transmission
A green light shot from the screen at the helm
And I heard Sulu give a great big yell
One by one it got the rest of the crew
Jim and Spock don't know what to do
I went over and tried to help Sulu
He's dead Jim

Now me and Jim we are all alone
The phasers are dead and Dilithium is low
The transporter's gone Scottie says it can't be fixed
It must be the Klingons who are doing this
Spock is missing we're all alone
Jim looks worried say "come here Bones"
He falls to the floor and screams and he moans
You're dead Jim


I went to be on Christmas Eve
But I just couldn't sleep
I tried so hard, I shut my eyes
And counted sixty sheep
Saw a bright light in the sky
It was a U.F.O.
A man jumped out all dressed in red
With a ho ho ho

Santa is a spaceman
From a planet far away
His elves are little aliens
His spaceship is his sleigh

Then he came into my room
He had a jolly face
He told me of the children
Who live in outer space
Every year on Christmas Eve
He sails between the worlds
Handing out his presents
To all the boys and girls


We're being watched by a billion eyes
From distant world in the twilight skies
Looking down on us as we decide our fate

They came to Earth from outer space
Came to warn the Human Race
To change our ways before it's too late

When the Earth dies screaming
Will anyone be left to hear
When the Earth dies screaming
There'll be no one to shed a tear

No Alien invaders from planet Mars
Just broken dreams and rusted cars
And vain attempts to reach the stars and escape


Weren't you sorry when I,left you
Weren't you even sad
Makes you wonder how such a good thing
Can turn out so bad

I don't know
I don't know

Seems we had a good thing going
Seems it didn't last
Now you say that things are different
Let's forget the past


Saw my boyfriend yesterday
Told him to get lost
Seems he took it really hard
Said he was double-crossed
What the Hell , I don't care
He used to make me cry
Now I'm free to live my life
I don't have to lie

Ooh ooh I don't care
Ooh ooh life's unfair

Saw my boyfriend yesterday
Told him to get lost


This is the last song, that I'll ever write
This is the last song that I'll ever write for you