Recorded 1992 to 2005
Released April 2005

On this recording STORMCLOUDS were:
STEVE LINES: Acoustic & electric guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica.
KEN FLYNN: Acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals.
ROD GOODWAY: Lead guitar on 'Nightmares in the Sky'.

Arranged and produced by STORMCLOUDS.
Engineered by KEN FLYNN.
Recorded at THUNDERHEAD STUDIOS, Calne, Wiltshire.
All songs written by STEVE LINES except "The Darkest Hour" by LINES/ALLEN.
P & C Sandman Songs 2005
Cover art and design by STEVE LINES.

The lonely aviator sings his favourite song
Floating though the clouds of another world
All his friends and loved ones are memories that fade
With every passing moment of everyday
The sound of the engines, lull him as he flies
Across mighty oceans and through the alien skies

Above lands uncharted he wings his weary way
While in the rolling cloudbanks, exotic creatures play
Calling out his name, in voices cold and thin
While the earth below waits to welcome him

I am the lonely aviator
lost in the canyons of the sky
I am the lonely aviator
Waiting for the day my engines die

The lonely aviator, lost in the winds of time
Flies through the skies of another world
He stars at the horizon, always out of reach
Doomed to fly alone for eternity
He wonders what strange marvels will pass beneath the wings
Of his fragile skyplane and the aviator sings


The sky grows dark, shadows crawl.
A fire burns low, with a flame so small.
I'm waiting for you, waiting for you,
'neath the midnight sun.

The silent breath of the frosty wind,
The sluggish sea no longer sings.
I'm waiting for you, waiting for you,
'neath the midnight sun.

The swollen clouds, heavy and grey,
The frozen stars to guide your way.
I'm waiting for you, waiting for you,
'neath the midnight sun.

I'm waiting for you, ah ah ah ah,
'neath the midnight sun, ah ah ah ah.
The frozen stars to show you the way
. I'm waiting for you, ah ah ah ah,
'neath the midnight sun.


He walks into the little town
Where children play their games
Watching as their paper boats
Go sailing down the drain
From the hills  he's come to see
What memories remain
But down here in the town he has no name

A broken toy of painted wood
Forgotten on the street
As he walks by he picks it up
And sets it on its feet
Everywhere strangers stare
It all turns out the same
On one wants to know he has no name

Remember oh oh
Remember oh oh
Remember when this town was your home

As he leaves the little town
Of memories behind
He hears the laughing echoes
Of a distant time
Up there in the hills
The old men play their games
He's slept a hundred years he has no name


I sit alone in the cold of the night
Through the clouds I see a light falling

Coming down in a blaze of white
Maybe it's just a satellite stalling

Gonna make a wish tonight
On a shooting star that burns so bright and true

Seconds pass, the trail fades
The heavens return to familiar shades of blue
A blaze of glory, then it's gone
I don't think I can ever be that strong
Rustic Rod’s Mail Order – May 2005

This is NOT the album with vocalist Melanie Townsend (already released a few years back) but the ORIGINAL album with original ‘Clouds singer LOUISE ALLEN, completely re-recorded and featuring STEVE LINES (of course), KEN FLYNN and one ‘Rustic’ ROD GOODWAY (going over-the-top with opiated wah-wah guitars on the title track.) But the reason the album is on this Catalogue is not because I’m on it, or even that these guys are old pals of mine, but simply because it’s an awesome album filled with top-class songs & performances. This is English acoustic & electric psych-folk music of the highest possible order in my book, and I’m proud to have had anything to do with it. RECOMMENDED & LIMITED to just 100 copies.